Boutique hexaphonic pickup in action November 18 2014

Mr Mart Pauklin jamming with hexaphonic analog distortion effect pedal 6Appeal (by us, Spicetone), using an ESP Viper equipped with a handwound hexaphonic pickup by Luthier Halvo Liivamägi.

It's a direct recording through a MOTU soundcard. Panning and cabinet models are applied in DAW (Ableton Live).

Poetry Krautrock Live July 12 2014

Juhan Liiv (1864-1913) - lyrics

Kristel Mägedi - vocal
Kiwanoid - guitar
Aapo Ilves - vocal

6Appeal got a heavy all evening live testing on 10 July 2014, Liivi muuseum, Rupsi, Tartumaa, Estonia, during poetry seminar/minifestival Lätete pääl ("On the Sources").

Multitalented artist Kiwa is playing a Fender Squier with Roland GK divided pickup into Spicetone's 6Appeal effect pedal that is plugged straight into a mixing desk. A pair of active PA speakers. Vocals are amplified with Shure Beta 58A mics. A the rage is recorded with Yamaha Pocketrak W24 pocket recorder that has buiilt in XY mics (no signal from mixing desk used). Video recorded with a cheap Sony camera. 6Appeal both drives and modulates the guitar sound. Mixing desk's effect section is off. The signal path is all analogue until it enters the Pocketrack recorder.


Estonian Kitarr Magazine June 18 2014

Estonian only guitar magazine Kitarr interviewed (thanks, Kris!) us and superb Rainer "Herzog" Jancis (Metro Luminal, Felis Ultramarinus, Ükskõik, Modern Ethic) checked out our pedal. Here's a nice video demo. I'm alway impressed, how 6Appeal sound when played by a real musician. Chellos and arabic instruments, jeez... Anyway, here's the video (thanks again, Kris!):

Punk Legend May 24 2014

Punk legend Villu Tamme (J.M.K.E.) came to check out how 6Appeal sounds. Even though he's not gearhead and does gigs with the same Musima Lead Star since 1989, he said he really digs the sound and the possibility to get jazzy with complex chords.

Sorry for video and sound quality, it's just a 99EUR camera.

Can't resist sharing the anthem of Soviet collapse (you can see both Musima Lead Star guitar and bass here):

We're on BBC February 24 2014

BBC came to see Spicetone and Stigobike. Here's the story with video and text:  "Next Silicon Valleys: Small Estonia has big ideas"

Many thanks to Janek the guitarist, Priit from Garage48/Mooncascade and to Nigel and Tracey from the British Broadcasting Corporation!

Special thanks to Nigel for giving us the punchline: "If Bob Dylan would have had one of these, when he went electric!"

And cheers for the Estonian Independence Day (24 Feb)!