Punk Legend May 24 2014

Punk legend Villu Tamme (J.M.K.E.) came to check out how 6Appeal sounds. Even though he's not gearhead and does gigs with the same Musima Lead Star since 1989, he said he really digs the sound and the possibility to get jazzy with complex chords.

Sorry for video and sound quality, it's just a 99EUR camera.

Can't resist sharing the anthem of Soviet collapse (you can see both Musima Lead Star guitar and bass here):

Genesis April 29 2014

Mr Steve Hackett, one of the greatest guitar players of all times, gave a superb concert in Tallinn. Good old Genesis stuff, excellent backing band, Nokia Concert Hall fully packed, people standing up and applauding for ages.

We had a unique opportunity to meet Steve in backstage. Rein gave him a little souvenir from Tallinn - a signed 6Appeal pedal from Spicetone. Steve gave it a try immediately.


Merry Rockmas and a Happy New Roll! December 19 2013

Artwork by Alar Kriisa, the genius.

Space Technology November 27 2013

We had a meeting with Protolab. This means the enclosure of our first guitar effect will (most probably) be produced in the same facilities where the first Estonian satellite Estcube was made.


How Fuzz Was Born November 17 2013

As reported in this wonderful article, fuzz effect was born accidentally recording this song:

The Generator September 30 2013

No fear in using vintage analogue gear from Soviet era, if it happens to be precise and in great working order. Let us introduce the Low Frequency Signal Generator!

Tie&Apron September 10 2013

1176345_586143474765656_1905234746_a Our CAD wizard / case designer is just about to launch the one and only stylish way to cook: https://www.facebook.com/tieapron