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For whom is 6Appeal hexaphonic guitar effect built?

Our guitar pedals are built with an innovative guitar player in mind. Hexaphonic processing is the way to go for a guitar pioneer, and 6Appeal is the only analog device for that. For exaple, if you have a Roland GK-3 hexaphonic pickup, 6Appeal is the way to go analog.

What does 6Appeal give you as a guitar player?

A whole new sonic ground, letting you play complex jazz, fusion, progressive rock or even fingerstyle guitar with distortion, without nasty intermodular rumble.

What does a hexaphonic distortion pedal sound like?

It may remind of polyphonic analog synthesizers, but it's still real electric guitar sound. You can go stereo, or blend with clean sound. Even the cleans sound harmonically much richer than any digital hex interface may give you.There really are no other devices around that can do it.

How can I use it with Roland GK-3 or other hexaphonic pickup?

6Appeal can be used a standalone analog processing unit, as an hexaphonic gateway for your pedal board, in parallel with Roland's digital devices, or a starting point for in-DAW processing or the sound of your hexaphonic guitar.

Why is this pedal so expensive?

There are over 1000 components and seven high quality distortion channels. Think of original Moog synthesizers, or vintage Roland GR-300, and what these go for now. NB! Free door-to-door express delivery is included in the price!

If this guitar effect pedal can make complex sounds, is it complicated to use?

Not really. You can just browse 12+12 presets, which cover the whole range of light to heavy hexaphonic distortion and modulation effects. That being said, 6Appeal is an advanced device and you can modify almost anything.


6Appeal is superb for guitars with a hexaphonic pickup: Godin Synth Access with RMCRoland GK (V-Guitar), Graph Tech Ghost, Cycfi Neo6 or Ubertar pickups, Carvin MIDI synth access guitars etc. It also acts as a classic distortion box with a conventional electric guitar.

User Manual and Flowcharts:




  • MIDI Patch for Max MSP / Ableton Live
    NB! We tested Enda's patch with Ableton Live with Max, and it works perfectly! Just drag an empty Max instrument to a new MIDI track, click Edit Button and under File, load the patch (save it to disk beforehand). Please accept the fact that this is not a ready made and supported feature; feel free to use it as a building block.
  • A test version of Max MSP based standalone app (zip). Setup: Windows PC to MIDI interface to 6Appeal. Again, this is unsupported soft. We will go into supported apps in future.

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